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#3 Home Bittersweet Home

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2014 @ 6:32pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Rutherford
Mission: Shoreleave 10
Location: Main Bridge - Deck 02 - U.S.S. Pegasus NCC-85714
Timeline: Prior to #1

The Pegasus hurtled towards the Septimus System through the Quantum Slipstream tunnel the Avantine-class ship was creating. At the CONN, Lieutenant Jonathan Rutherford monitored the Slipsteam drive, the quantum field being created by main deflector and the ships position relative to their destination.

“Disengaging Slipsteam Drive in five…four…three…two…one.” Rutherford’s hands tapped the final control that would terminate the quantum field, power down the Slipsteam Drive and return the Pegasus to sunlight speeds. According to the sensors, traffic in the Septimus system had increased considerably since they’d left for Rolor Minor, which meant Jonathan could no longer approach the station in whatever way he pleased.

This time he would have to contact Kovak Nor’s ops centre and receive a vector to the station that the Pegasus would have to stick to. Jon duly followed through on this and within seconds the station had uploaded a vector, which he entered into the navigational computer. With the impulse engines engaged at full, the Pegasus began the final leg of her journey home.

The rest of Task Group 611 had arrived; some ships were docked at the station while others orbited near the station. There were also a number of freighters moving through the system. “Looks like things are picking up around here.” Jonathan noted as the Pegasus approached the station.

The Pegasus slowed as Rutherford manoeuvred her into position at one of the upper pylons using just the thrusters. The sounds of the docking clamps making contact with the Pegasus could be heard clearly through the hull. The engines were powered down and umbilicals were connected. “We’ve docked, Skipper.”

Captain Ackerman acknowledged Rutherford’s announcement but Jon barely heard it. He was too focused on the tasks he needed to complete following the Pegasus successful docking. It wasn’t until Stuart placed a hand on Jon’s shoulder that his focus was drawn away from his work. “Hey. You need me for something?”

Anderson hesitated for a moment. “I need to talk to you about something. Can we go to your office?”

Jonathan nodded. “Sure.” He stood and stepped away from the CONN to be replaced by a young Bajoran Ensign named Tem Meran. A few minutes later the two Lieutenants were behind the closed door of Jonathan’s office. Rutherford was leaning against his desk while Anderson stood opposite him with his arms folded. “So what’s up?”

“I’ve been sitting on this for a day and a half.” Stuart took a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve received new orders. I’m to report aboard the U.S.S. Endeavour as her Assistant Chief Science Officer.”

Jonathan nodded. “What’s the Endeavour’s assignment?” Unless the Endeavour was assigned to Task Group 611, and Jon knew that it wasn’t, their relationship would become a long distance one, something that they had talked about and agreed that neither was interested in that.

“She’s a newly commissioned Galaxy-class ship destined for a long term deep space assignment.” Anderson replied.

Jon took a step towards his soon to be ex-boyfriend. “We both knew this could happen. Hell, we talked about this right at the start. We’re both Starfleet Officers, this is just the reality of our situation.”

Anderson was slightly taken aback. “Just like that?”

“This isn’t easy for either of us, Stu. I’m crazy about you and I’d rather you didn’t go but Starfleet has other ideas.” Jonathan replied taking another step further.

Stuart nodded and let out a sigh. “I know.” He paused. “Listen, I have some things I need to finish up before I go. Dinner tonight?”

“Who else am I gonna have dinner with?” The two men shared a lingering kiss before Stuart left. Jonathan remained in his office, not bothering to return to the Bridge; there wasn’t much to do at the CONN now that the Pegasus was docked. He began to work through some of the outstanding paperwork on his desk, wanting to get it cleared up before sharing one of the last dinners with Stuart.