The USS Pegasus concluded its most recent mission, "Voices in the Dark", today. At the end of a mission and the beginning of a new year, it's time to recognize the players for their contributions.

Commodore Brett Gann awarded the Long Service Medal for cumulative years served in the USS Pegasus RPG.

Jake Beaver for 1 Year
Scott for 1 Year
Dan Woodward for 1 Year
James Slattery for 3 Years
Brett Gann for 3 Years
Antony Leigh for 4 Years
Graham Pallett for 6 Years

The second commendation was the General Service Medal for cumulative posts in the USS Pegasus RPG.

Antony Leigh for 100 Posts
James Slattery for 100 Posts
Brett Gann for 100 Posts

For many players, it's not enough to play. They want to play in a game world with a vibrant background. The details matter.

James Slattery was awarded the Citation of Valour for his contribution to designing the game world of the Kovak Expanse.

Visit the USS Pegasus article on Memory Zeta to learn more about the Kovak Expanse and Starfleet's operations there.

Keeping the game moving and the plot developing is critical to the success of a game. These two players were the top posters in "Voices in the Dark".

James Slattery is awarded the Act of Distinction for his contributions to "Voices in the Dark"
Dan Woodward is awarded the Act of Distinction for his contributions to "Voices in the Dark"

In honor of his tenure and contribution to the game Commodore Gann promoted Jake Beaver's character Heidy Dilucca to the rate of Chief Petty Officer.

Happy New Year!