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Steve Tranter, Sat March 27th 2010 9:04am

Colonial communications changed

Dunedin, New Zealand (FNN) - The digital telecommunication and media arm of Starfleet Communications have reported that command and personnel email servers within the Starfleet garrison on Dorvan V have been hacked into by an unknown source. While Starfleet Security is investigating, Fleet Admiral Sam Jones has approved new telecommunication strategies to be put in place.

For further information, please contact your local Federation News Network office.
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Steve Tranter, Wed March 24th 2010 2:07pm

USS Athena experiences Temporal Difficulties

Aboard the USS Athena we've had a succession of Commanding Officers in rapid order.
Captain Ander Ordonis was kidnapped by Romulans, and is MIA after surrendering himself to the Tal Shiar. Captain Baruk was CO for only 2 missions, before Star Fleet Command promoted him to Commodore with a ground assignment. Commander Douglas Makgill assumed the post of Commanding Officer just a few days ago.

The Athena's last deployment prompted a Temporal Investigation. While inv ...
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Roy Conklin, Mon March 22nd 2010 10:39pm

Senior Staff departs Starbase 418

Starbase 418 - 22 March 2386 - Moments ago, the USS Formidable departed Starbase 418 with the entire senior staff aboard, including recently reinstated Commanding Officer, Captain Lujan Serege. Though it is unclear if he is commanding the ship since the USS Formidable already has a Commanding Officer, one Captain Elissa Dimytrik -- who has just been appointed the station's Executive Officer. This appointment, including Captain Serege's appointment as Sector Commander, means both offi ...
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Mo, Sat March 20th 2010 12:39am

Dilithium on Dorvan 5

Lake Anvil, Dorvan (AP) - The entire colony of Dorvan 5 is abuzz with excitement after news arrived that they are sitting on untapped quantities of dilithium. The discovery was made by Zak Noris, a third-year geologist student on a field trip from Bajor, and has resulted in the local Starfleet garrison to mobilise its science staff to look into these findings.

"Planetary scans confirmed what Mister Zak suspected," announced Commander Scott Donnelly, acting Governor and head of the ...
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Mo, Fri March 19th 2010 4:53pm

Mail delivery hiccup

FNN's start marked by technical difficulties.

Earlier today the FNN staff noticed that the email address initially intended to be used for the news delivery is listed as bouncing on several chat lists. This is probably due to that address being a group list email instead of an inbox, likely rendering it unsuitable for the task.

News mail delivery was then switched to make use of the address of Sixth Fleet's CinC instead. Some chat lists might have received ...
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Mo, Fri March 19th 2010 3:28pm

Criminal elements in Bolian government convicted

Among other Bolian officials, the Federation Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Toran Blix, admitted to having covered up ties to a dubious research project of the Bolian Mitena Institute in a court of law earlier this week.

Five months ago, while enroute to Nausicaa to continue diplomatic talks which had been stalled by both Nausicaans and Bolians for over a year, the USS Saturn took a detour to investigate the supposed attack on a freighter near a Bolian mining operation which h ...
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Steve Tranter, Thu March 18th 2010 4:52pm

Conduct Unbecoming a Captain.

Starfleet Captain faces hearing on drunkenness aboard his own vessel.

Sources have revealed that Captain Mek'tor of the USS Cambrian has been recalled to Starbase 326 to attend a Court of Inquiry into an incident that occurred aboard the Nebula-class vessel.

Details are sketchy, but it appears that the Captain; a Klingon of distinguished service, emerged from his Ready Room in an inebriated state and fell face first onto the floor of the bridge. The incident wa ...
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Steve Tranter, Thu March 11th 2010 7:46pm

Battle of RP908


During a bloody battle on a Rogue Planet passing through the Sigma Librae system, Marines and Officers from the USS Oberon and USS Cambrian have suffered heavy losses at the hands of an unknown foe.

Sources have revealed that the Marines were sent to the planet to investigate a signal that was detected. Arriving on the barren rock they split into teams in an attempt to triangulate the position of the signal. How ...
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Mo, Sat March 6th 2010 4:19am

New website for FNN

The new FNN website is here! Yes, yes, it is. And it combines a modern look and feel with a feature-set tailored exactly to the needs of Sixth Fleet. As soon as an article is published, an email is sent to the chat list of each simulation, with an excerpt of the article and a link to the full feature on this website. Additionally, administrators can send newsletters to the chat lists.

Users can register and comment on articles, editors can write and edit their own articles, and ad ...
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