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Commander in Chief, Fri April 30th 2010 8:20am

Special Announcement from the CinC


It is that time of year again - as of today, Sixth Fleet is four years old! It has been my pleasure to serve a fleet of friends whom I enjoy writing alongside. Here's to many more years of simming!

I'm not very good with speeches (LOL), so, without further ado:

Before I get into the shinies, I have a small announcement. As an anniversary present this year I have created a "Risa" section of our forum. Feel free to pop in ther ...
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Steve Tranter, Thu April 29th 2010 8:48am

The Delta Triangle: The Final Frontier?

As the new fleet of Luna-class vessels explore the depths of space, and Starfleet establishes a foothold in the distant Hurucan Sector, there is still a large sector of space near our core worlds that has gone unexplored.

The Delta Triangle is a vast region of space, several light-years from Cestus III, which has the unusual effect of causing havoc with the general operation of starship systems. This has meant the area has gone unexplored for decades, and so far no cause has been ...
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Mo, Fri April 23rd 2010 12:41pm

Assumed attack on starbase really is virus outbreak

Bellatrix, Beta Quadrant (FNN) - According to new reports reaching us today, what was previously assumed to be an attack on the starbase has in fact been confirmed by Far Reach Station Operations as a virus outbreak of an unknown kind. The starbase has been put under strict quarantine.

The seemingly uncontrollable outbreak of a yet to be identified infection has Far Reach's 250.000 inhabitants in sheer panic. Whole sections of the starbase have been sealed off, no-one being a ...
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Mo, Thu April 8th 2010 2:00pm

Far Reach Station under attack?

Bellatrix, Beta Quadrant (FNN) - A large part of the Starfleet-operated starbase Far Reach Station has literally gone missing this morning, only to re-appear just as mysteriously two hours later. Following a structural integrity check, medical teams were dispatched immediately into the area by Station Ops. Shortly thereafter some of those teams reported being attacked without warning, while other teams were not heard back from at all. Yet to be confirmed reports state that the starbase has been ...
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Mo, Wed April 7th 2010 4:41pm

Sixth Fleet domains back online

Following the move of Sixth Fleet's website to a new hosting, the main domain and the FNN website had been inaccessible for a couple of days - access was only possible via the .org domain which had been moved earlier. As of today, the website is once more available under its .com domain, as is the FNN website.

The commanding officers of Sixth Fleet's simulations have been provided with FTP access data to the directories containing their sim websites. There are still some ...
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