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Steve Tranter, Tue May 4th 2010 8:07am

New Dish at Edison's

Next time you find yourself aboard the USS Athena make sure you check out Edison's, the ships bar and lounge that is located on Deck 10.

The establishment has a warm and friendly feel to it, with a host who has a most congenial attitude. Kr’tomnsk; or Tom to his friends, has created some wonderful dishes for Edison's and his sole purpose it ensure that everyone has a memorable experience whenever they stop by.
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Chief of Fleet Communications, Mon May 3rd 2010 4:13pm

Senate Motions to go public!

Senate Chambers, UFP HQ

As we all know, the Senate is responsible for the administration of the Fleet. Proposals are submitted, discussed, and decided upon. Unfortunately, nearly all of these decisions are never really made public to the members of the Fleet. It is certain that everything is put into action following the appropriate decisions, but where can a crewperson find this information?

During the first weeks of April, the Senate was been in deliberations ...
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Steve Tranter, Mon May 3rd 2010 2:07pm

Sixth Fleet Constitution on Memory Zeta


Following extensive discussions last year on the Fleet Senate, a Constitution was drawn up for the Fleet. This Constitution contains all primary guidelines relating to the overall operation and structure of the Fleet and its members.

A copy of the Constitution is now available for all to read on Memory Zeta - http://memory-zeta.com/wiki/Sixth_Fleet_Constitution

For Command Teams there is also a copy of the Constitution in the Files section of th ...
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