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Steve Tranter, Tue June 22nd 2010 1:03pm

Chief of Fleet Operations Announced.

Yet again we have another change amongst the senior staff of Sixth Fleet.

As his second order of business, new Commander in Chief Graham Thomson has announced that Moritz Kraft is taking over from him as Chief of Fleet Operations. The Director of Fleet Resources position is also becoming part of Mo's responsibility to facilitate easier management of the Fleets websites.

Grahams First Order of Business was to promote the departing Commander in Chief, Sam Jones t ...
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Steve Tranter, Mon June 21st 2010 10:27am

New Commander in Chief Elected!

Following a close fought contest Sixth Fleet appoints its new Commander in Chief.

After a thorough and fair election campaign Graham Thomson has been duly elected to the position of Commander in Chief of Sixth Fleet. He will take over the reigns in the coming week and by the 28th June Graham will have fully assumed his new position as the highest ranking official within the command structure.

We would like to congratulate Graham on his victory and also to congratula ...
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Kreg Asay, Thu June 10th 2010 4:57pm

New Avalon Class vessel about to be launched

The 6th Fleet branch of Starfleet Engineering's Research and Design Bureau has recently finished a new variant of the Olympic Class vessel which will be christened the "USS Avalon-A".

This lead ship of the new "Avalon Class" variant will be a Command Cruiser rather than the standard Medical ship. As such tactical ability has been increased, and expansion of the shuttlebay to allow a squadron of Fighters.

The USS Avalon-A is expected to launch in late June unde ...
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Mo, Fri June 4th 2010 12:27am

Starfleet sends Security forces to Far Reach Station

In an effort to contain what can be considered one of the biggest threats to the alpha and beta quadrants since the Dominion War, Starfleet has dispatched a number of vessels with Security forces to starbase Far Reach Station in the Bellatrix system.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Civil Services was quoted as saying that at the moment, there was no reason to be alarmed, and Starfleet was going to do everything in their power to ensure the safety of the Federation ...
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Steve Tranter, Thu June 3rd 2010 10:29am

New Chief of Personnel Administration.

24th May 2010 - Following a lengthy search Commander Eric Robinson has been appointed as Sixth Fleets new Chief of Personnel Administration.

For any queries relating to new cadets, training, command school or expansion courses, Eric can be reached via the following link - Contact CPA.

-Captain Steve Tranter
Director of Fleet Public Relations
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