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Sandy Browne, Sat July 23rd 2011 11:57am

SEO committee looking for participants

Sixth Fleet is creating a committee in order to examine how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies may apply to sim websites.

This committee will start mid August and work, for 4 months, on establishing a set of practical recommendations for sim webmasters,under the form of a reference handibook.

The SEO committee will also produce, at one month, a first set of basic guidelines to help with a year-long review of our websites.

The committee is ...
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Sandy Browne, Sun July 17th 2011 10:02pm

CinC elections

With 19 of 21 Senator votes cast and about 53% of the votes, RAdm. Nathalie Chapman has been elected the new Commander-in-Chief for a one-year term.

She was running against Captain Brett Grann, currently XO of the USS Pegasus.

Sandy Browne
FNN Newsroom
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Sandy Browne, Sun July 17th 2011 9:53pm

USS Athena encounters disabled Borg Sphere.

Deep in the Delta Triangle, which hampers advanced technology, the USS Athena discovered a Borg Sphere. The triangle's effects incapacitated the Drones, attacking the cybernetic components that allow them to communicate. This gave us a chance to see how the Borg advanced since Voyager last encountered them some years back.

Eventually, a Pakled ship showed up, plundering the drones in their search to make themselves strong. This proved to be a mistake for them, as the dro ...
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Sandy Browne, Sun July 17th 2011 9:51pm

First contact goes awry

The USS Pegasus (NCC-53847-E) was returning to Starbase 425 in the distant Balkora system along the Federation-Cardassian border when it received a distress call from another vessel. Responding, the crew of the Pegasus quickly learned that they were making first contact with a species who had just achieved their first warp flight. The Pegasus returned the wayward warp ship and her pilot to their homeworld in the Alpha Theta system.

Investigative reporter Rikka Pal learned that Cap ...
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Sandy Browne, Sat July 9th 2011 8:21am

Newsletter - July 2011


Welcome to the July 2011 issue of the FNN Newsletter. The features included are:

IN THE SPOTLIGHT - The first of a series of interviews focusing on each of the Fleet's simulations, this month the USS Lancelot.
TRIVIA QUESTIONS - How well do you really know your Trek?
ARTICLE - Technobabble
SPECIAL INTERVIEW - Outgoing CinC, Graham Thomson
SPECIAL - Every month this section will bring you a link to a comics, a vi ...
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