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Brett Gann, Mon October 31st 2011 9:10pm

Task Force 1 awards USS Lancelot the Meritorious Unit Citation

Captain Anthony Wittrock, Task Force 1 Advisor, has awarded the USS Lancelot and her players the Meritorious Unit Citation for their mission "e tu, Remus?", which recorded 53 posts and joint posts and contained fantastic storytelling and character development.

Congratulations to the USS Lancelot!
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Brett Gann, Mon October 31st 2011 3:39pm

Sixth Fleet awards commendations for 5 1/2 year anniversary

On behalf of the Sixth Fleet Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral Nathalie Chapman, in consultation with the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, I would like to announce the following awards to deserving members of the Senate on the occasion of our Fleet Five and a Half Year Anniversary.

In the past months, we have had several struggling sims and several among us have stepped up to take these challenges in stride, returning these sims to their former and now even greater glory; as such Commod ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun October 16th 2011 3:59am

Sixth Fleet Command Changes

The Fleet had several Command-Level changes for October thus far.

Commander Mallory Jones was appointed XO of the USS Oberon on October 4th.

The next day Commander Eric Robinson stepped down as XO of Starbase 418, and shortly thereafter Captain Roy Conklin was removed from command of the Starbase due to excessive absence. Captain Anthony Wittrock was appointed CO of Starbase 418 on October 12th.

Taking Captain Wittrock's place as XO of the US ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun October 16th 2011 3:39am

Olympus Bruised but Stable

The office of the commander of Starfleet operations in the Balkora Sector, Vice Admiral Timothy Scott, informed the Federation News Network that Starbase 425, known as Olympus Station, is severely bruised but stable. The admiral credits the gallant efforts of the crew of the USS Pegasus for the ingenuity that saved the starbase from falling out of orbit. A battalion from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has arrived at the starbase to begin repairs.

Although Starfleet refused to co ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun October 16th 2011 3:37am

Order of Meritorious Service Awards Given

On September 30th, 2011 Sixth Fleet Command presented the Order of Meritorious Service to Captain Brett Gann, Captain Anthony Wittrock, Captain Padraick Dornbush, Captain Matt Antrobus, Commander John Brady as well as Commander Lee Wilson.

The Order of Meritorious Service is open to any Sixth Fleet player who has been with the fleet for more than two years (cumulative) and has provided either consistent posting quality or major contribution(s) to Sixth Fleet as a whole.

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Brett Gann, Tue October 11th 2011 2:30am

Fleet Communications adopts social media

The Department of Fleet Communications invites players to follow Sixth Fleet on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sixthfleet. When tweeting about Sixth Fleet, don’t forget to mention @sixthfleet. You can also like Sixth Fleet on Facebook by going to our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/sixthfleet.

Use the Sixth Fleet’s social media to make personal announcements, get in touch with friends, post pictures, chat about non-game topics, and more.

You can also thi ...
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Brett Gann, Sun October 9th 2011 9:52pm

Sixth Fleet Academy encourages players to take expansion courses

The Sixth Fleet Academy encourages all players to take advantage of the fleet's expansion courses. The Academy offers these courses to help players hone their role-playing skills in particular departments.

The Academy offers the following courses: Aerospace (Fighter, CONN), Counseling, Diplomatic, Engineering, Intelligence, JAG, Marine, Medical, Operations, Science, Security, and Tactical.

Contact Captain Matt Antrobus, the Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant to pa ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun October 2nd 2011 8:25pm

In the Spotlight: An Interview with Corie Chamblin

Interview conducted for FNN by K. Asay

A little break from the previous interviews, this month we get to know the newest member of FNN, Co-Editor Corie Chamblin!


Welcome to the FNN staff Corie! How long have you been in the fleet?

Hey! I have just reached the one year mark if I’m not mistaken. I love
it, even though I have restarted school and I’m super busy and been
dealing with internet problems. ...
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Kreg Asay, Sat October 1st 2011 12:48am

All about Quark Trivia

Trivia is composed of 5 questions. Everyone is invited to send their answers to the Editors, and those who get the most correct will be mentioned in the next issue (along with the answers)!

Previous Answers:
1. Leonard
2. Miri (they were two of the "Onlies"
3. Fan-fiction movie, "Of Gods and Men" or ST VI: The Undiscovered Country
4. Two (at least)
5. Cheronian

Correct submissions:
Question 3 proved once again to be misleadi ...
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Kreg Asay, Sat October 1st 2011 12:25am

Iron Falls: The Enemy Within

From the game manager of the popular USS Hyperion-F, we bring to you his latest writing endeavour; a near futuristic techno-thriller that launches an entire series.

"November, 2100. Sergeant First Class Gene Bukowski, a U.S. Army Special Warfare operator, and his team are uprooted from a mission in Mali when Emilio Heerdan's right-wing terrorist group kidnap the daughter of the United Nations Energy Secretary. Yet the mission proves more dangerous than his team can handle. Th ...
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