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Charlie Greene, Sat November 26th 2011 7:04pm

In the Spotlight: An Interview with Dan Woodward

Interview conducted for FNN by Charlie Greene

Today, we're interviewing Captain Dan Woodward, the game manager of the USS Athena (NCC-80353).

FNN: Dan, thanks for speaking with us today. I would like for our readers to get to know the Athena and what makes the Athena a very special game. Let's start with "stomping ground". What part of space does the Athena explore?

DW: The Athena is stationed near the Delta Triangle, Star Base 218, and the ...
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Brett Gann, Tue November 22nd 2011 4:20am

Sixth Fleet seeks Asst. Chief of Fleet Operations

The Sixth Fleet's beautiful website, including our beloved Federation News Network website, is the product of hard work by our Chief of Fleet Operations. As you might expect, the fleet's myriad resources keep Captain Kraft quite busy. To continue providing the fleet with the best online resources, the Department of Fleet Operations requires additional assistance.

The Department of Fleet Operations is looking for an Assistant Chief of Fleet Operations. A successful candid ...
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Brett Gann, Tue November 22nd 2011 3:38am

Bismarck honors players

Following another successful mission, crew members of the USS Bismarck are honored for their excellence.

Commander Tarem Ohneru (Scott Guymon) and Lieutenant Mike Freitas-Drune (Derrick Dodson) were awarded the Cross of Distinction for there extensive character development during the last mission, giving the crew an in-depth look into their characters.

Ensign Brendan D'Agostini (Brad Denman) was awarded the Medal of Honour for his work moving the plot along and ...
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Brett Gann, Tue November 22nd 2011 3:31am

Bismarck recovers crew despite Halonian nukes

Press Release
Captain Willow Sabeen, Chief of Staff, Task Group Alpha

Following support operations conducted by the USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C), USS Gridley (NCC-75723) and USS Repulse (NCC-2544-B), the status of Halon as a Federation Protectorate is currently being reviewed by the Committee on Protectorates of the Federation Internal Affairs Council. Deployed in support of Federation Ambassador Sorem of Vulcan, the ships arrived to conduct good-will operations and to support ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun November 20th 2011 10:54pm

New Medical Graduate

Como. Nigel Gillson has successfully completed the Medical Expansion Course at Sixth Fleet Academy, making him the first to pass through the revised system of Expansion Courses.

Congratulations Nigel!

Commodore Matt Antrobus
Academy Commandant
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Brett Gann, Sun November 20th 2011 10:19pm

FNN looking for Book Reviewers

Have you read a Star Trek novel or reference book recently? Are you a regular reader? The Federation News Network publishes book and short story reviews. If you would like to share your thoughts on a book that you've read recently, contact our editors at fnn@sixth-fleet.com for more information.
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Charlie Greene, Mon November 14th 2011 10:34pm

Lancelot Instrumental in Preservation of Romulans

When the Beta Quadrant star Hobus showed signs of prematurely going nova, Romulan authorities reached out to the Federation with requests for immediate aid. A large task force was quickly dispatched from Starbase 718 to aid in the mass evacuation of Romulus, though events did not unfold as planned upon arrival. Upon taking orbit and beginning the evacuation, sensors indicated that Hobus had indeed gone nova, though the velocity of the resultant shockwave was entirely unexpected.

F ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun November 13th 2011 6:56pm

DCR discusses Uniforms & Ranks

The Department of Creative Resources completed consideration on alterations to the current uniform design and rank insignias used by Sixth Fleet. The discussion is now slated to go to the Command Senate in the near future.

One proposed change includes alternate departmental colors:

Anyone wising to make comments or suggestions please contact your Command Senate Representative, or the Chief of Creative Re ...
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Kreg Asay, Sun November 13th 2011 6:49pm

Preserver Artifact Found on Balkora III

Preserver Artifact Found on Balkora III

Recent reports from Starbase 425, in orbit of Balkora III in the Balkora System indicate that a Preserver vault was found in the cellars of a bar in Balta City. Azuma's Bar & Casino was apparently built right on top of the site.

Little is known about the Preservers, an pre historical ancient race, thought to have rescued and re seeded many races on the verge of extinction thousands of years ago. This could be an invaluabl ...
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Charlie Greene, Sat November 5th 2011 4:59pm

Galactic Rock Star Rises Again

The Farlong Reefs sector was treated to an unexpected double concert when Deimos, a galactic rock star of older fame, alighted at Starfleet’s Mandukar Moonbase. The singer and and her band were on tour when ship engine failure decided of their next stop. “You don’t stop Deimos” her PR voice declared. “Her first reaction was to ask if the moonbase would arrange for a performance. They built a new dome for it that is named after her.”

The medium-size dome was in fact fi ...
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