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Nigel Gillson, Tue January 31st 2012 5:28pm

New Executive Officer needed for Outpost Sierra VI

Captain Anthony Wittrock, Games Manager of Outpost Sierra VI, is looking for a new Executive Officer.

Applicants should be qualified to Command School level or working towards it.
Those who have yet to apply, should have recommendations from their current Game Managers and be in a position to apply for Command School as soon as possible.

Applications to be sent directly to Captain Wittrock at anthony.wittrock @ sixth-fleet.co.uk (without spaces) or via the ma ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon January 30th 2012 9:18pm

New Command School Graduate!

Lieutenant Commander Adam Cosgrove has completed his Command School Internship and therefore his command school lessons.

I can now confirm that he has successfully graduated from command school. As the Executive Officer of the USS Lancelot we know he will use what he has learnt to the best of his ability, improving the game play of both the individual game and of Sixth Fleet as a whole.

Congratulations, Lt. Commander.

Commodore Matt Antrobus
D ...
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Nigel Gillson, Wed January 25th 2012 10:50am

USS Hyperion Recognises her Crew

I would like to announce the following:

Ander Shultis, who plays Executive Officer, Lieutenant Blake Cassidy - has been a good rock steady first officer, and for that I am grateful. He has contributed to the last mission, and has helped with its creation. I therefore award him the Decoration of Gallantry - which is awarded to an individual who has continually provided good and interesting opportunities for other posters to become involved in the plot and in the development of thei ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon January 23rd 2012 10:29am

Book Review: New Frontier #1 - House of Cards by Peter David

Star Trek New Frontier #1: House of Cards by Peter David

Sector 221-G: For the whole of Federation history, this large area of space has been controlled by the Thallonians, a cruel, militaristic race of which little is known except that they rule the other races in their sector with a vicious iron hand.

Now the Thallonian Empire has collapsed and the systems it once ruled are in chaos. Old hatred are surfacing. Petty tyrants control deadly weapons. World after wo ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun January 22nd 2012 9:36pm

New Science Graduate

Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Carney of the USS Pegasus, has completed the Science Expansion Course at Sixth Fleet Academy.

Congratulations, Lieutenant, you worked hard for it!

Commodore Matt Antrobus
Academy Commandant
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Nigel Gillson, Sun January 22nd 2012 9:29pm

Crewman Fuller becomes the newest graduate of Sixth Fleet Academy

Congratulations go to Crewman Freya Fuller as the latest graduate from Sixth Fleet Academy is posted to the Medical Department of Outpost Sierra VI.

Congratulations Crewman, we're sure you will find enjoyment in your new position.
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Brett Gann, Fri January 13th 2012 4:13am

FNN launches trivia contest with prizes

The Federation News Network has decided to infuse a little fun into its everyday operations. We're going to turn our traditional trivia column into a trivia contest.

"Official Contest Rules"
Each month, we'll post a series of trivia questions. Players are invited to send us answers. We'll recognize the mad Star Trek skills of those players who participate each month. At the end of the year, the player who submitted the most correct answers will get an awesome ...
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Charlie Greene, Tue January 3rd 2012 12:27am

Academy Instructors recognized

From the Office of the Academy Commandant:

For their outstanding performance and solid support during the re-establishment of the Sixth Fleet Academy, and their continuing assistance in running the induction, expansion and command school courses - I have the pleasant duty of awarding the Instructor Recognition Ribbon to both:

- Captain Brett Gann, Senior Academy Instructor
- Commodore Nigel Gillson, Senior Academy Instructor

Congratul ...
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