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Nigel Gillson, Mon April 30th 2012 11:17pm

Sciworld 10th Online Convention for Simmers around the globe starts May 10th 2012 5pm EST

SciWorld Online Convention (SciWorld) 2012, is the 10th such convention to be sponsored by Ongoing Worlds (http://www.ongoingworlds.com/). It begins, this year on May 10th at 5pm EST with the usual Opening Ceremony, hosted by Renda Carr, the current Director of TRCP Alliance (http://trcpalliance.webs.com/).

As with all previous Sciworld conventions, it is open to all Sci-RPG community to serve as a chance to relax, have fun and meet new friends. It will be held over three days a ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon April 30th 2012 7:55pm

Sixth Fleet turns 6 today! Happy Birthday from everyone here at FNN.

Each year, the Sixth Fleet celebrates the anniversary of its founding on April 30. In 2012, I am very pleased to be the one to first wish the fleet a very happy sixth anniversary. For the last six years, Star Trek fans around the world have enjoyed a creative pastime here in our excellent fleet of simulations.

As is our custom, I am happy to reward players within the fleet who provided excellent service to the fleet and her simulations. I hope you will all join me in congratulati ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sat April 28th 2012 10:40am

New Assistant Academy Commandant Appointed!

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Commodore Nigel Gillson as the Assistant Academy Commandant. His experience and knowledge of the fleet, particularing in teaching have been a vital asset to the Academy, and I feel certain he will prove invaluable in this new role!

Thank you Nigel, for accepting. And Congratulations :)

Rear Admiral Matt Antrobus
Academy Commandant
Sixth Fleet Academy
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Nigel Gillson, Sat April 21st 2012 5:47pm

Hyperion Crew pay their respects to the Pahkwa-thanh who lost their lives following the Romulus Rescue Mission

The senior crew of the USS Hyperion under command of Rear Admiral Ambler Furry arrived at Felona VIII in the M'Kieru Sector to allow the former Chief Medical Officer, Captain Rex Jul MD, to join his family in mourning the loss of his mother, sister and two of his brothers.

Upon arriving, it is soon discovered Rex's true identity as a crowned prince of Felona VIII, but one who rejected his heritage to follow in the footsteps of his Mother a Medical Officer with Starfleet. ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sat April 21st 2012 5:36pm

Bismarck Crew Discover Derelict Jem'Hadr Ship

The USS Bismarck were sent to scout a sector in the Janus Group. The mission was mainly scientific in nature, and the crew was to study the nebula formations. The mission started out as routine, and the crew were taking samples and studying the clusters in the area, as well as performing drills and routine testing.

During the mission, the Bismarck received a distress call and went to its aid, unable to determine the exact source of the transmission until they arrived on the scene ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun April 15th 2012 10:51am

Two players complete the Medical Expansion Course through Sixth Fleet Academy

This past week has been a buzz at the academy. Cadets have been working hard to complete required courses in order to be part of the future of Star Fleet.

However, two individuals deserve special recognition as they have completed an Expansion Course. These courses are a rigorous set of assignments designed to enhance the player's knowledge in their chosen field and therefore enhance game play and writing interest. The courses are open to any player within Sixth Fleet or a ...
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Nigel Gillson, Wed April 11th 2012 10:06am

New Deputy Commander in Chief Elected for Sixth Fleet

With an overwhelming majority, Admiral James Slattery has been re-elected for his second term as Deputy Commander in Chief.

Congratulations, Admiral.

FNN Editor
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Nigel Gillson, Mon April 9th 2012 8:25pm

The USS Avalon finds a dead pirate's treasure at Ramani IV

As a new colony makes ready to break ground in the Farlong Reefs sector, the USS Avalon made way at transwarp to Ramani IV where the Engineering Corps detachment had some difficulties meeting their deadline... on account of swarms of local butterflies intent on protecting their domain.

One may imagine the delay didn't sit well with Sector Command as Captain Jules Cormack, of recent Stardust fame and some of his surviving crew-members were only days to arrive at Ramani IV with ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon April 9th 2012 8:07pm

Interview with Command School's most recent graduate - Lieutenant Commander Brad Harris

Lieutenant Commander Brad Harris, Executive Officer of Outpost Sierra VI, is our newest graduate to complete his Command School training, allowing him to join the few who are qualified to command a simulation within Sixth Fleet. FNN caught up with him recently to see how he found his time within Command School and what his thoughts are for the future.

FNN: Brad, for those who do not know you around the fleet, why not tell us your history in the fleet and a little about you as a ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sat April 7th 2012 6:28pm

Sixth Fleet Academy Graduates are announced

Sixth Fleet Academy has been busy this past week with several graduates from several classes.

Cadet Natalya Yakovlev graduated with full honours from the Academy and is subsequently promoted to Ensign aboard her first posting on the USS Hyperion as Science Officer.

First Lieutenant Jonathon Abaddon, Marine Aviator aboard the USS Cambrian has completed the Intelligence Expansion Course.

Lieutenant Commander Brad Harris has graduated from Command School ...
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