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Nigel Gillson, Mon August 20th 2012 2:15pm

USS Bismarck Crew Makes Historic First Contact with Nydareans

The Bismarck crew was assigned to make first contact with species known as the Nydareans, a race whose society was based on the ideal of the hunter, after the Nydareans made their first warp speed trip. They were also assigned to provide humanitarian aid and infrastructure assistance after a deadly virus had started sweeping through the population. After Commander Ohernu and his team arrived on Nydarea and made first contact with the Nydareans, they got straight to work on showing their research ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun August 12th 2012 3:09pm

Answers to JULY's Trivia and winners


I apologise for not getting these answers to you sooner, I have been on holiday without a computer.

Thanks to Brett for given out the August Trivia Questions on Startrek IV: The Voyage Home. Answers, as always to fnn@sixth-fleet.com

JULY's trivia answers are below:

1: What is the name of the Ship that David Marcus goes on to investigate the Genesis planet?


2: Why was Dr. McCoy d ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun August 12th 2012 3:00pm

USS Avalon rewards her crew!

Upon the conclusion of their latest mission, the USS Avalon awarded Major Hatch the Captain’s Star for stepping up, providing a mission and running it while the GM was incapacitated. A Conspicuous Merit Cross is awarded collectively to the active crew for their contributions in making this mission a success: Commander Gordon, Lt Colonel Aloysius Stark, Lt Marina Davic, Viktoria Thorsen, Lt Cdr Michaël Moses.

The USS Avalon RPG will be on summer break until August 27th.
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Brett Gann, Tue August 7th 2012 2:48am

August Trivia: The Voyage Home

It is time for the August trivia questions. This month's trivia is based on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Send your entry to fnn@sixth-fleet.com.

1. Who reprised his role as Ambassador Sarek in Stark Trek III and IV?

2. To what hospital was Chekov taken when injured?

3. What was the first Starfleet vessel seen incapacitated by the alien probe in "The Voyage Home"?

4. What whale species did the crew of the Enterprise ...
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