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Nigel Gillson, Sun September 30th 2012 4:31pm

Sept Trivia answers announced


I realise that this is the 30th of September and there is still time for others to get their answers in, but I will go out on a limp here and guess that no further entries will be submitted. However, since I will be finishing as FNN Editor at midnight tonight, I would like to finish off this month's trivia with an announcement at the end.

So here are the answers for September's trivia questions:

1: In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun September 30th 2012 4:17pm

Retirement of Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant

Sixth Fleet Academy's spokeswoman, Commander Ilea Filtrop announced today in a press conference, that Rear Admiral Matt Antrobus has decided to retire as Academy Commandant.

"During his term, Admiral Antrobus has facilitated the graduation of countless cadets who have gone on to further their education at the academy or on one of our distant learning expansion courses. He will be missed by all staff, officers and cadets of the academy. We wish him well in his retirement a ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sat September 29th 2012 8:24pm


An Interview with Andrew F of Starbase Sierra Six

FNN: Welcome Andrew to the latest edition of FNN, why not start off by telling our readers about yourself, both in and out the fleet.

AF: In the fleet I am the illustrious and slightly unstable Lieutenant Anastasia Karatova, the chief of security for Starbase Sierra 6. Outside of the fleet, I am a lawyer in California with my own practice for immigration and criminal defense.

FNN: You recently joined ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sat September 29th 2012 8:22pm

The End of an Era!!!


It is with great sadness that I announce my retirement as the Editor of Sixth Fleet Federation News Network.

I have enjoyed the time spent producing you good readers articles, news reports, trivia and book reviews and I hope you all have enjoyed it. I would like to wish you all the very best in your continuing enjoyment of Sixth Fleet.

I will officially finish as the Editor on the 1st of October, when Greg Thompson will become the Editor and A ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun September 16th 2012 6:38pm

Want to be part of Sixth Fleet Communications?

Are you a good writer?
Are you a good reader?
Do you have between 30 to 60 minutes to spare every month?
Want to be part of Federation News Network for Sixth Fleet?
Full training available.
Full support given for you to become comfortable with the reigns.
No special rank or rate required.
No length of service restriction!

If you fit the bill and would like to send out occasional messages, conduct interviews with prominent players, r ...
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Nigel Gillson, Fri September 7th 2012 3:02pm

Interview with our newest Command School Graduate - Commander Mallory Jones

FNN: Mallory, for those who do not know you around the fleet, why not tell us your history in the fleet and a little about you as a real person, what you do outside the fleet and what initially brought to Sixth Fleet.

MJ: In real life, I work at a distribution center for a major clothing manufacturer. I’ve been a member of Sixth Fleet for several years now, and in the past I’ve served on the USS Swiftsure, USS Poseidon, and OSVI. I currently serve on the USS Oberon, and USS ...
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Nigel Gillson, Thu September 6th 2012 9:43pm

Another Commander passes out from Command School.

Commander Mallory Jones, Executive Officer of the USS Oberon, has recently graduated from the Command School of Sixth Fleet Academy.

Command School is a series of rigorous assignments testing your ability to command a simulation within Sixth Fleet. It covers everything from dealing with difficult players, simulation protocols and mission leading. The lessons are followed by an Intern Mission, which has been written and lead by the Command School Intern themselves.

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Nigel Gillson, Wed September 5th 2012 8:00pm

September's Trivia

Once again folks, it is that time for a new trivia. This month we are celebrating the classic film, Startrek V: The Final Frontier, directed by William Shatner, himself.

1: In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, what is Sybok searching for following a vision?

2: What is the Klingon Captain that followed Kirk into the centre of the galaxy called?

3: Which recently deceased actor played the ‘god’ character?

4: According to Spock ...
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Nigel Gillson, Wed September 5th 2012 7:43pm

August's Trivia Answers

1:Who reprised his role as Ambassador Sarek in Star Trek III and IV?
Mark Lenard

2: To what hospital was Chekov taken when injured?

Mercy Hospital

3: What was the first Star Fleet vessel seen incapacitated by the alien probe in “The Voyage Home”?

USS Saratoga

4: What whale species did the crew of the Enterprise need to answer the alien probe’s signal?


5: What was Kiri-k ...
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