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Brett Gann, Wed October 31st 2012 4:40am

Sixth Fleet Anniversary 6.5

To my fellow Sixth Fleet players:

Another half-year has passed, and it is time to take a moment to recognize the participation of the dedicated players who make the Sixth Fleet Role-Playing Game possible.

Meritorious Unit Citation

In honor of the excellent quality and quantity of their simming over the last six months, and probably longer, I am very pleased to award the captain and crew of the USS Avalon with the Meritorious Unit Citation.
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Nigel Gillson, Mon October 1st 2012 3:54pm

October's Trivia


This will be the last entry I do as the FNN Editor and officially hand over to Greg and Andrew. As mentioned yesterday, this month's trivia is on Startrek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

1: Why was Startrek VI: The Undiscovered Country so special in the mind of Gene Roddenberry?

2: What was the reason Dr. McCoy could not save the Klingon Senator (other than too much to drink!)

3: Who was behind the sabotage aboard the Enterpr ...
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