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Andrew F, Mon November 5th 2012 10:41pm

November Trivia

And here it is, the trivia questions for November 2012, and the first round by your new and not-even-slightly esteemed editor.

The theme for November, breaking with recent tradition, is Kirk's season one kisses. So, how many women did Captain James Tiberius Kirk kiss in Season One (hint, it was four) and who were they? Since we need five questions, I'll give an easy extra-credit unrelated to Captain Kirk or kissing.

1. A woman Kirk kissed in se ...
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Andrew F, Mon November 5th 2012 10:29pm

Calling all merchants

Starbase Sierra VI is currently offering low lease rates on storefronts, restaurant pads and for a limited time, expedited processing of liquor licenses.

So, if anyone is interested in starting a new business, or relocating an existing one, please contact CPT Jordan Behr of Starbase Sierra VI.
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Andrew F, Mon November 5th 2012 10:26pm

October Trivia

ANd here they are, the October trivia answers.

1: Why was Startrek VI: The Undiscovered Country so special in the mind of Gene Roddenberry?
It was the last startrek film he saw before he died

2: What was the reason Dr. McCoy could not save the Klingon Senator (other than too much to drink!)
Lack of knowledge about anatomy

3: Who was behind the sabotage aboard the Enterprise?
Lieutenant Valeris

4: Which high ...
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