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Nigel Gillson, Sun July 7th 2013 9:31pm

INTERVIEW with Vice Admiral Nathalie Chapman

Folks, this month we caught up with one of the highest ranking players in the Sixth Fleet Community, Vice Admiral Nathalie Chapman, current CO of the USS Axanar.

FNN: Nathalie, you have been with the fleet for a long time, why not tell our readers a little about yourself and your history (briefly) in Tango and Sixth Fleet.

NC: I started in Tango Fleet in October 1999, on the USS Avalon. In 2001 I created the USS Liberty that I brought into TF in 2003. That lasted ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun July 7th 2013 9:15pm

Sixth Fleet Academy and Personnel Administration Report – June 2013

Feb: 1
March: 3
April: 7
May: 9
June: 8

Total: 32
Including returning players: 4

GRADUATIONS from training: 7

Ariadne: 2
Axanar: 2
Bismarck: 3
Hyperion: 3
Pegasus: 2
Saturn: n/a
Old sims: 1

Total: 13

COMMAND SCHOOL: 1 trainee – Internship pending
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