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Brett Gann, Mon June 16th 2014 1:40am

A Round of Recognition

From time to time, we like to acknowledge various players for their contributions to the game. We cannot hope to capture and recognize all the great work that every player contributes. So if you believe someone is missing, I urge you to contact your game manager to recommend that player for recognition.

On behalf of the captains, I am happy to recognize the following individuals:

For his superb writing, filled with descriptive content that often induces his crew mat ...
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Brett Gann, Thu January 2nd 2014 3:50am

Pegasus recognizes players

The USS Pegasus concluded its most recent mission, "Voices in the Dark", today. At the end of a mission and the beginning of a new year, it's time to recognize the players for their contributions.

Commodore Brett Gann awarded the Long Service Medal for cumulative years served in the USS Pegasus RPG.

Jake Beaver for 1 Year
Scott for 1 Year
Dan Woodward for 1 Year
James Slattery for 3 Years
Brett Gann for 3 Years
Antony Leigh fo ...
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Nigel Gillson, Tue October 1st 2013 6:46am

Sixth Fleet Academy and Personnel Administration Report – September 2013


Jan: 4

Feb: 1

March: 3

April: 7

May: 9

June: 8

July: 3

August: 6

September: 5

Total: 46

Including returning players: 5

GRADUATIONS from training: 8


Ariadne: 4

Axanar: 2

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Nigel Gillson, Mon May 27th 2013 1:51pm

Sixth Fleet Academy and Personnel Administration Report - April 2013


On a par with Sixth Fleet's new policy for transparency, an activity report for the Academy and Personnel Administration will be published monthly. This first report covers January to April.

Jan: 4
Feb: 1
March: 3
April: 7

Total: 15
Including returning players: 3


Ariadne / Oberon: 1
Avalon: 0
Bism ...
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Brett Gann, Mon December 10th 2012 3:35am

Lyn Merical-Mosher Inducted to Sixth Fleet Hall of Remembrance

Sixth Fleet,

It is with sadness but great respect that I officially induct Lyn Merical-Mosher into our Hall of Remembrance, a tier of the Sixth Fleet Hall of Fame. I have inscribed her name in the Hall of Fame on Memory Zeta.

The Federation News Network published a memorial by Steven Marriott on December 4. I cannot begin to memorialize Lyn better than her close friends, so I encourage you to read Steven's letter. I welcome Sixth Fleet players who knew Lyn to c ...
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Brett Gann, Wed October 31st 2012 4:40am

Sixth Fleet Anniversary 6.5

To my fellow Sixth Fleet players:

Another half-year has passed, and it is time to take a moment to recognize the participation of the dedicated players who make the Sixth Fleet Role-Playing Game possible.

Meritorious Unit Citation

In honor of the excellent quality and quantity of their simming over the last six months, and probably longer, I am very pleased to award the captain and crew of the USS Avalon with the Meritorious Unit Citation.
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Nigel Gillson, Tue May 8th 2012 11:36am

Sixth Fleet academy Graduates cadets again...

Sixth Fleet academy works tirelessly to train new cadets and continue education of existing officers and members through the expansion courses.

Two graduates from the academy have recently been added to the lists of graduates.

Russell Elsom, who playes Ensign Gran Velas - U.S.S Cambrian has completed the Science Expansion Course.


Stephen McGuire has been placed aboard the USS Avalon, following his graduation from the Academy.
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Nigel Gillson, Sat April 28th 2012 10:40am

New Assistant Academy Commandant Appointed!

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Commodore Nigel Gillson as the Assistant Academy Commandant. His experience and knowledge of the fleet, particularing in teaching have been a vital asset to the Academy, and I feel certain he will prove invaluable in this new role!

Thank you Nigel, for accepting. And Congratulations :)

Rear Admiral Matt Antrobus
Academy Commandant
Sixth Fleet Academy
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Nigel Gillson, Thu March 29th 2012 6:35am

Promotions and Commendations for the crew of the USS Bismarck

With our last mission over I have several Commendations and Promotions to award, everyone did awesome but several stood out, so without further ado;

Commander Tarem Ohneru is hereby awarded the Honour of Excellence.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ray Jackson is hereby awarded the Act of Distinction.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Brendan D'Agostini is hereby awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross.

Ensign Dalios Torbin is hereby awarded the Act of ...
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Nigel Gillson, Tue March 27th 2012 12:27am

New Expansion Course Completed.

2nd Lieutenant Jon Harmen of the USS Cambrian has recently completed the Marine Expansion Course.


Editor FNN
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