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Brett Gann, Thu January 2nd 2014 3:50am

Pegasus recognizes players

The USS Pegasus concluded its most recent mission, "Voices in the Dark", today. At the end of a mission and the beginning of a new year, it's time to recognize the players for their contributions.

Commodore Brett Gann awarded the Long Service Medal for cumulative years served in the USS Pegasus RPG.

Jake Beaver for 1 Year
Scott for 1 Year
Dan Woodward for 1 Year
James Slattery for 3 Years
Brett Gann for 3 Years
Antony Leigh fo ...
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Nigel Gillson, Wed November 6th 2013 12:02am

Commendations and Promotions - USS Hyperion NX-7438

With the close of the mission:The Peacekeeper, it gives me great pleasure to award some commendations and promote some players. this, as those who are COs or previous COs of Sixth Fleet simulations is one of the best things about the game, rewarded great playership, writing and comradeship.

The past mission has shown a fantastic variety of writing and has seen the return of some great writers and friends who have contributed greatly to the plot.

In order to reward ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon May 27th 2013 7:30pm

USS Hyperion limps home after troubling events.

Recent reports of the USS Hyperion have finally been confirmed today by Starfleet Command. Whilst a minority of the operational details have been classified, the USS Hyperion (NX-7438) has been confirmed as receiving severe damage and loss of life on her most recent deployment.

The latest Hyperion, launched back in July of 2388 was issued orders to the vicinity of the Valt system on the border of Klingon space. Whilst the nature of the mission has been suggested as either a rescue ...
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Brett Gann, Sun May 26th 2013 7:52pm

USS Pegasus protects the Federation's new frontier

In the waning days of 2388, Federation President Nan Bacco and Cardassian Castellan Lora Tovat concluded the Second Treaty of Bajor. The treaty effectively makes the Cardassian Union the largest Federation protectorate in history. The Federation has pledged Starfleet to protect Cardassian space in return for the demilitarization of the Union.

Although the Federation has been working toward this agreement for two years, the treaty's realization puts Starfleet in a challenging ...
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Nigel Gillson, Tue May 7th 2013 1:36am

New XO appointed to the USS Hyperion

With the retirement of Commander Andrea Mihalyi, the new Commanding Officer of the USS Hyperion, Captain Douglas Irvine (aka Nigel Gillson) has appointed an officer from in house, based on the previous CO's recommendations prior to the Hyperion's last mission that saw the fatality of many crew members, including Captain Rex Jul (the former Commanding Officer) himself.

Captain Douglas Irvine announced today he will be elevating newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Grendon ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon August 20th 2012 2:15pm

USS Bismarck Crew Makes Historic First Contact with Nydareans

The Bismarck crew was assigned to make first contact with species known as the Nydareans, a race whose society was based on the ideal of the hunter, after the Nydareans made their first warp speed trip. They were also assigned to provide humanitarian aid and infrastructure assistance after a deadly virus had started sweeping through the population. After Commander Ohernu and his team arrived on Nydarea and made first contact with the Nydareans, they got straight to work on showing their research ...
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Nigel Gillson, Sun August 12th 2012 3:00pm

USS Avalon rewards her crew!

Upon the conclusion of their latest mission, the USS Avalon awarded Major Hatch the Captain’s Star for stepping up, providing a mission and running it while the GM was incapacitated. A Conspicuous Merit Cross is awarded collectively to the active crew for their contributions in making this mission a success: Commander Gordon, Lt Colonel Aloysius Stark, Lt Marina Davic, Viktoria Thorsen, Lt Cdr Michaël Moses.

The USS Avalon RPG will be on summer break until August 27th.
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Nigel Gillson, Sat July 28th 2012 6:00pm

USS Cambrian uncovers a Klingon espionage...

Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire reached a new high today as rumors emerged of suspected espionage by the Klingon Empire.

The USS Cambrian, commanded by Captain Sarah Hawkins, recently uncovered the possible espionage when responding to a distress call from a disabled Klingon freighter. Despite efforts to repair the freighter, the vessel, which has yet to be identified, was lost with the majority of the crew. A single survivor was rescued at great risk to th ...
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Nigel Gillson, Mon July 23rd 2012 5:05pm


News just in...The USS Hyperion NCC-7438-F, Sovereign Class has been destroyed.

Star Fleet Command are keeping tight lipped on this as of yet, but my sources have revealed that all hands have successfully evacuated to the nearest M-Class planet, Felona Eight.

This comes after the previous news that the Hyperion had disappeared completely off sensors, something the remains a mystery to Star Fleet Command.

When more news is revealed by Command, you wi ...
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Nigel Gillson, Wed June 27th 2012 7:10pm

The Crew of the USS Lancelot honours a lost and valued crewman in the aftermath of heroism.

Plague. Disease. Fetid death. These are words most citizens of the Federation no longer understand on a visceral level. In the cradle of our quadrant, we enjoy unlimited access to life-saving medicines, preventative vaccinations, plentiful foodstuffs, and unending water supplies. We want for little aside from the chance to better ourselves. Yet for the Romulans, who’ve found their homeworld shattered by the Hobus event, concepts like enlightenment and civility have fallen away in the face of i ...
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